The cottages at North Pole Resorts feature all the comforts of home. Each cottage is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning & heat. All cottages include cable TV, free wi-fi and are pet free.

Housekeeping services are not provided in the cottages except to replace towels upon request.


Marcy & Haystack Cottages

Max 2 adults and 3 children $145
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The one room cottages at North Pole Resorts have a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning & heat, gas fireplace, carpeted sleeping loft, cable TV, porch, queen bed and a dinette. All you need to bring are sleeping bags & pillows for the kids in the loft. Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows and towels) are provided. Please bring your own pool towels. There is a stove top, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave and all pots, pans, dishes and utensils are provided. The cottages have a picnic table and fire ring (summer only). The one room cottages can sleep up to 2 adults and 3 small children. No pets allowed. Available year-round.

Giant Cottage

Max 6 people; 4 adults max $155
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Giant Cottage has a private bedroom with a queen bed, a futon in the living room/kitchen area, and a carpeted sleeping loft for children. There is a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning & heat, gas fireplace, cable TV, porch, and a dinette. All you need to bring are sleeping bags & pillows for the kids in the loft. Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows and towels) are provided for the futon and queen bed. Please bring your own pool towels. Giant has a stove top, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave and all pots, pans, glassware, dishes and utensils are provided. There is a picnic table and fire ring (summer only). Free wi-fi is available. Giant Cottage can sleep up to 6 people, with a maximum of 4 adults. No pets allowed. Available year-round.

Catamount Cottage

Max 6 people; 4 adults max $185
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This cottage was designed by Cabela’s and has a sunken master bedroom with a queen bed and beautiful Adirondack quilt. The main area of the cottage is open to a cathedral ceiling and has a full kitchen and dining area with cedar log furniture. The kitchen is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, glassware and utensils. Linens and towels are provided for the bedroom and futon (double bed). Please bring your own pool towels. There is a full bathroom as well. A staircase goes up to two carpeted sleeping lofts (suitable for kids only). Just bring sleeping bags and pillows and you are all set! There are 2 cable TVs, air conditioning (summer), heat (fall/spring & winter), and wi-fi is available. Outside your cottage there is a deck with 2 cedar log chairs and a snack table. A picnic table, gas grill (propane provided) and campfire ring are also there for your enjoyment. This cottage can sleep up to 6 people, with a maximum of 4 adults. No pets allowed. Available year-round.

Baxter Bungalow

Max 6 people; 4 adults max $185
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This 2 bedroom bungalow features a master bedroom with a queen bed, a private entrance and full bathroom at one end, and a bunk room for the kids at the other end. Both bedrooms have cable TV, and there is another TV in the living area. The main area of the cottage is an open area with full kitchen/ living/dining area. The couch opens out to a double bed and there is an electric fireplace. The kitchen is fully stocked with pots, pans, dishes, glassware and utensils. Linens and bath towels are provided. Please bring your own pool towels. There is central heat/air conditioning, and free wi-fi is available. Outside the bungalow there is a deck with 2 cedar log chairs and a snack table, picnic table, gas grill (propane provided) and campfire ring for your enjoyment. This bungalow can sleep up to 6 people with a maximum of 4 adults. No pets allowed. Available May – October.

Additional Fees

Rates are based on up to 2 adults and 2 children (16 and younger).

Additional Adult $10 per adult per day (age 17 and older)
Additional Child $5 per child per day (age 16 and younger)
Extra vehicle $5 per vehicle
Visitors – Day Use $10 per adult / $5 per child
Visitors – Overnight $15 per adult / $8 per child
Visitors Vehicle - Overnight $5 per night

Check-In/Out Times

Check In Check Out
Camping Cabins, Cottages and Rooms at the Lodge (late check-ins for rooms on request) 3:00PM - 9:00PM 11:00AM

Information Request Form

All rates are based on 2 adults and up to 2 children (ages 16 and younger). 3rd adult/teen (age 17 and older) at site or in cottage/room charged an additional fee. 3rd child charged an additional fee. One vehicle per site/room allowed. No taxes are charged on camp sites or camping cabins. All rates subject to change without notice at any time.

Please note that this is only an information request form. We will contact you to advise availability and rates. For immediate assistance, please call our office at (518) 946-7733 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

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